Friday, April 22, 2016

Jitu Fishing Bait Fish Cork

Catfish is one of the many species of fish that live in swamps. Fish this one is one type of fish that have high survival ability. This is because the catfish can live and survive in muddy water which would lower oxygen content in it. This is because the catfish has a breathing apparatus called labyrint. Although commonly found in swamps, cork is also hudup fish in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs.

Catfish angler is much sought after because it has encouraged the sensation of adrenaline when baiting. Strong pull it requires a special strategy for the angler. In addition to requiring a strong force, the anglers also need accurate feedback to entice the catfish.

Catfish itself is quite voracious predator that when they see the bait. There are many techniques that can be applied to fishing cork. You simply throw a fishing lure you into a location that presumably contained cork fish such as in swamps, lakes, or rivers. To inform you that chance hobby for fishing, below are some surefire bait fishing cork.

Here Bait Fishing Fish Cork Most Jitu

Jitu bait fish Gabus I

Sniper bait fish that first cork is earthworms. Earthworms are one surefire catfish bait that you can try to use. Earthworm has become one of the most widely preferred meal of fish cork. This is because earthworms have distinctive characteristics that fishy smell of earthworms that will attract the attention of catfish. That way when the bait into the water, the fish are more interested cork snatched.

Jitu Bait Fish Cork II

Accurate feedback catfish second is a frog. In addition to using earthworms, you can also take advantage of frogs. However, that is used to lure this time is not the adult frog, but the frog is small. For easy application method which is enough to katikan small frog on a fishing hook on its tail. Keep in mind try to frogs is not dead, it is useful for fishing cork will be more ferocious in grabbing the bait.

Jitu Bait Fish Cork III

Catfish bait that you can use is the third type of wader fish. If you do not want to use earthworms or frogs for some reason then do not worry, you can still use a small fish bait types of wader. Just like using a type of frog bait, to use fish this type of wader you need to associate the hook in the fish punggunung section. Keep in mind also try to bait does not die, in order to attract catfish.

Jitu Bait Fish Cork IV

Accurate feedback fishing cork fourth is using grasshoppers. You can look for grasshoppers in the area of ??rice fields or plantations that can be used to fish cork. For how to use is enough to associate locusts on a fish hook cork for better results.

Thus was the discussion of several types of sniper bait for fishing catfish that can try to apply. For another sniper bait fish cork that you can use like crickets or worms also banana leaf which is also powerful enough to attract catfish.


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